Dealer References

Updated,7 August 2011

The Following is a listing of Dealers/Sellers that we have done business with in the past.
Because our license has just recently been renewed, These vendors may not yet have a current copy.

If you see the name of the dealer you are buying from here, just advise them to send your Item to FistFull of Firepower, LLC!

Please be sure to tell us that you have an item coming and provide the tracking information so we can anticipate it's arrival.

Kriss-USA Certified Dealer
FNH Dealer
Springfield Armory Dealer
LaRue Tactical
J&G Sales
Impact Guns (Class III goodies)
Classic Arms
R&R Arms
GT Distributors
PK Firearms
FTF Industries
Anvil Arms
Olympic Arms
Model1 Sales
DPMS Dealer - Special Orders only, no inventory
J&T Distributing
Class III weapons (Houston)
RSR Group
Davidsons (
TopGun Supply
Midwest Hunter's Outlet
POF (Patriot Ordnance Factory)
Buds Gunshop
Wilson Combat
Caspian Arms
Thureon Defense
Yankee Hill Machine